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We offers the highest quality, most beautiful diamonds at unbeatable prices - Ideal Cut Diamonds, Fancy Shape Diamonds, Hearts and Arrows, Argyle Diamonds, Fancy Colour Diamonds - all independently certified by the most respected international gemmological laboratories in the world, including GIA, HRD and IGI. We understand that purchasing a diamond is an important decision. Although we encourage our clients to learn how diamonds are graded before making a selection, we believe the best way to learn about diamonds is to talk to a diamond expert. We can answer any questions you may have and, whatever your requirements, We can help you select the perfect Diamond to suit your needs. All diamonds are graded by GIA.

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Certificate Some labs are more strict, and some are more loose. All that matters, though, is that you pay the right price for the diamond you are buying. If you are buying online blind (using cutting edge diamond viewing tool is very much recommended), then stick with the GIA which is the most consistent lab available. When you’re a big diamond company, and you’re sending thousands of stones a month to a lab, 5% inconsistency isn’t such a big deal. But as a consumer, why risk being stuck with that 5%? Just always keep in mind that you are buying a diamond, not a piece of paper. When choosing a diamond, the reliability of the color and clarity grades (and in some instances the cut grades) is only as good as the certifying gem lab’s reputation. But there’s one important thing to remember, the only thing that really matters when discussing different labs is not how strict they are, but how consistent they are. If one lab consistently offers a single color upgrade over another lab, then that lab is by no means less “authentic.” Smart diamond companies use this knowledge (gained from sending thousands of diamonds a month to different labs) to maximize their results.
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