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  • "There are no measurements to describe how to find your perfect diamond. However important the 4 C`s are - beauty is the only arbiter. All diamonds should show Fire, Life, and Brilliance. Fire is the beautiful rainbow effect that is produced by the dispersion of light, Life is the scintillation and sparkle when you move the stone in front of your eyes, and Brilliance is the brightness of the diamond due to reflected white light when the diamond is still. Ultimately though, it is the diamond that chooses you."
  • Grafin at Alcom Int.Corp  is the quintessential diamond jeweller, giving substance to style, bringing together the diamond’s dualities of science and poetry, melding its rich history and long traditions with contemporary creativity and cutting-edge craftsmanship. The diamond is a sparkling, celebratory symbol of continuity and eternity, of reassurance and hope for the future, and we brings this beautiful symmetry into the light with its classically elegant jewellery.
  • Alcom International Corporation 9 East Loockerman St., Treadway Towers, Dover, DE 19901, County of Kent, USA
  • Alcom International Corporation LLC are member of Grafin Group London U.K.
  • Alcom International Corporation (AIC)

logoAlcom International Corporation

9 East Loockerman St.
Suite 205
Treadway Towers, Dover, DE 19901
County of Kent, USA

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Grafin Private Equity

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Alcom International Corp. LLC

9 East Loockerman Street, Treadway Towers

19901 Dover, Delaware, USA

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